The Divine Feminine – A Creative Exploration

You are invited to a week of diving deep into what is The Divine Feminine. The sacred container for this embodied exploration will be an exquisite exhibition of the sensual, evocative artworks of Charlene Scott.

Over the course of the week this art-scape will invite people to connect, co-create and expand into the fullness of their divine feminine essence. Feeling where the edges of cultural and social conditioning, patriarchal expectation and self limitation soften, to make way for nurturing exploration and awakening. All events will take place within the exhibition space at the Hauraki House Gallery in Coromandel Town.

On offer during this time:

Monday 8th March  7-9pm  | OPENING NIGHT CACAO CEREMONY
An exploration into the nature of The Divine Feminine and opening ceremony for the exhibition. (Everybody welcome, $10 at the door – limited numbers, bookings essential. More information and bookings HERE)

9-14th March  10am – 4pm  | THE DIVINE FEMININE ART EXHIBITION
Explore The Divine Feminine embodied through the evocative artwork of Charlene Scott. (FREE)

Tuesday 9th March  7-8.15pm  | YIN YOGA CLASS
Soften and surrender into your body and breath with a gentle nurturing yin practice by Toni Calder (Everybody welcome, koha – limited numbers, bookings essential – book HERE)

Wednesday 10th March  7-8.30pm  | ECSTATIC DANCE
Explore your own inner feminine energy with an embodied free-form movement practice facilitated by Charlene (Everybody welcome, no experience necessary. $15 at the door, no prebooking required.)

Thursday 11th March  7-8.30pm  | CREATIVE UNFOLDING – ART WORKSHOP
A safe space to gently step into your heart, connect with your intuitive, creative side and share loving space together held by Rei Bennett. No experience with art making necessary (everybody welcome, $15, bookings essential – book HERE)

Friday 12th March 4-7pm | Late night drop in
A chance to experience the artworks and explore, feel, soak up the energy and rest into being, outside of the regular exhibition hours.

Saturday 13th March  7-10pm  | MOON LODGE – WOMEN’S WORKSHOP
Unveil the Blood Mysteries. A deep dive into the taboo topic of menstruation and conversations to reaffirm that being a woman is worth celebrating with Jade. (For female bodied beings only, $15 at the door, bookings essential. More information and bookings HERE)

About the contributors:

Charlene Scott – Artist & Embodied Dance & Yoga Facilitator
Charlene is a passionate artist and movement facilitator. She firmly believes that being creative, whether it be through visual arts, dance or music, is integral to our emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. She also has a strong conviction that through movement we can achieve great healing.

Perceiving a real need in our culture for more awareness around women’s issues, Charlene seeks to help shift the imbalance of feminine energy through art, dance, women’s gatherings and her own personal journey into the Feminine.

Jade Ferriere – Holistic Therapist & Embodiment Coach
Jade is a Holistic Therapist and Feminine Embodiment Facilitator. Her work and her passion is helping women, become familiar with their inner dance to awaken to the precious gifts of power, delight, creativity and that most rare jewel – their authentic self.

Weaving together spiritual counselling, hypnotherapy, earth shamanic practices, sacred plant medicines, bodywork and embodied movement, Jade guides experiences of inner transformation and sacred ritual that awaken a heart-centred journey of inner grace and wisdom.

Rei Bennett – Clinical Arts Therapist
Rei holds a Masters of Arts in Arts Therapy, and this year held workshops at NZ Resolution Festival and Lunasa Festival. She is a part of the residential community at Dharma Gaia, who regularly hold mindfulness retreats and help teach the art of mindful living. Previously Rei has run retreats with the Whole Lotta Life Foundation, combining arts therapy with mindfulness and yoga for young survivors of cancer, and has worked in the DTU unit at Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison as well as Hohepa School for special needs children and held contracts with The Cancer Society, MASH Trust and Oranga Tamariki.

Toni Calder – Somatic Yin Yoga Facilatator & Wellness Chef
Toni has a 20 year history with cooking. Her most recent 7 years being immersed in retreat and wellness environments. Her desire to support a thriving and healthy society to shift the imbalance of power, has given rise to her evolution in cooking approach to be focusing on using local produce, organic, gluten free and vegan.
Toni is passionate about mental health, equality and sustainability. Her own journey with healing lead Toni to explore her natural gifts as a woman, space holder and healer.

*5% of all art sales will go towards the charity TreeSisters to fund mass tree reforestation and work with women, supporting them to step into leadership roles.